Submission and Consent Form

p04q61cq.jpgAll submissions to YWC must have a parent/guardian consent form. The consent form only needs to be filled out once per child. If you would like to annul the consent form or would like your child to be published anonymously, you must email  If you would like to be considered for publication anonymously, you do not need parental consent and we will not print your name.

There are three options to turn in a consent form, you only need to do one of the three:

  1. A paper copy of the consent form can be printed and signed, scanned or photographed and send to
  2. An online consent form can be completed via the “Online Consent Form” linked below.
  3. Read the “Paper Consent Form” linked below and turn in your submission with a statement that the Parent or Legal Guardian has read and agrees to the consent form (you can turn in submissions to or below on this website page).

The Young Writers of Cleveland will not share or publish any personal information. Only the child’s first name, last initial, and grade will be included with their submission.

Paper Consent Form

Online Consent form

Submissions should be sent to We accept any format and any type of submission!  Alternatively, you can type a submission below.